2010: Mobile, Rich Media, Augmented Reality and More!


Mobile will remain totally chaotic, zillions more apps will be launched. A platform fight will ensue making it costly for companies developing mobile to push out new apps across multiple platforms. I don’t see that issue settling out for sometime. So if you are going mobile build to sustainable development models or simply take a vacuum to your wallet.

Facebook will remain relevant so long as it continues to be compelling to users. That means that it is in a race with itself to become more exciting.  Already we are seeing it disrupt the photo sharing market and it is disrupting the gaming market too. But to stay alive it must re-think its unintuitive interface, kloogy fan pages and make video easier to share.

Rise of vertical social networks. Yes, people have varied passions and sometimes they like to keep their lives compartmentalized. So Ning will re-emerge and become highly energized as the platform where Passionistas start their own, smaller more intimate social networks.

Engagement mechanisms and rich media will steam roll the web. Look for better video production values, more interesting games and more sophisticated applications across the board as GPS joins Augmented Reality and more. And speaking of Augmented Reality all it is lacking is great creative energy.  As I write the Camarès team has that tiger by the tail and is deep into development. More news coming soon!

Deb DiGregorio

Camares Founder, Deb Di Gregorio serves as president and practice lead developing marketing programs and working closely with client/owners. She is a member of the NJ Advertising Hall of Fame and is the author of Zebworks: The Agile Marketing Framework and Triumph Over Toothpicks: The Essential Guide to Business in the Digital Age. 

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