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Camarès was among the first organizations to put Agile software development techniques to use in our marketing programs. In 2013 we published the ZebworksTM Agile framework for marketers — the result of years of development and testing. Today, Agile Marketing methods have been widely adopted by a full range of organizations from large to small, global to local.
Agile originated in the software development world. It solved a myriad challenges for software developers: increasing communication and accountability with clients, building better product faster — and most importantly meeting their client’s changing needs. It was developed in response to the fast pace of change in technology.
Today, marketing is experiencing the same pace of change. No marketing program is launched that does not involve some form of technology — most often the Web. That means marketing and sales professionals are subject to technology’s pace of change. And that makes ALL marketing efforts — online or offline — measurable. When marketing is measurable, management, sales and marketing can be on the same page for the first time.

Agile Marketing in a Nutshell

Agile Marketing is based on a general outline that includes: a budget, expected results and agreed upon KPIs (key performance indicators). Rather than launching with a big bang program, Agile launches smaller programs in short sprints of 4-6 weeks, measures results and moves budgets only to those efforts that are delivering results. Sales and Marketing teams work together closely, reviewing results and refining strategies for the next sprint.

Here’s How Your Company Benefits

  • Increased Productivity — Marketers, sales and business owners who adopt agile report increased productivity.
  • Increased Transparency – Agile marketing allows management, sales and development to clearly see what marketing and sales are doing. Sprint review meetings summarize the tangible contributions of all participants.
  • Improved Communications — Where once sales and marketing pointed fingers at each other, Agile puts them on the same team, working the full length of the sales funnel from attracting the best leads to closing them and increasing revenue.
  • Prioritized Efforts – Agile stakeholders prioritize their requests at the end of each sprint. They can see available resources and discuss how they should best be deployed.
  • Measurable Results – The best value of agile marketing is measurement and accountability. Agile marketing teams run tests, measure the results, and invest more on efforts that are delivering the desired KPIs your company requires. And that means the leads your sales team will close or completed sales in your shopping cart.
  • Competitive Edge — Agile Marketing and its regular measurement keeps your fingers on the pulse of your market and puts your firm at the leading edge of market changes.

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