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Slay It Like A Fat Cat

The BIG Reason Why You Need Agile Marketing Now!


Agile marketing and the Zebworks™ Agile Marketing Framework were developed to deliver complete customer focus, swift execution cycles, robust measurement and constant improvement.

But why do you need it?

The velocity of change has never been faster!

New Technologies

Everyday a new software as as service (SaaS), new permutations of CRM platforms that cross social media platforms, content aggregation platforms, analytics platforms etc etc. Then there are new devices in a zillion different form factors: mobile (which phone do you use and what size is it and what do you use it for?). Tablets, ditto! Laptops ditto! Google glass…well we’ll see about that. Bottom line what do you invest in now to ensure relevance tomorrow?

New Social Networks Everyday

Social networks are popping up — and collapsing like Top 40 hits! The old standards: Facebook & Linkedin are so blah they are hardly relevant. (When was the last time you heard “Button Up Your Overcoat” and if you heard it would deign to tap your foot? Facebook fatigue is here.) How will you know where your customers will flock next?

Accelerated Market Commoditization

There was always someone who sold your product or service cheaper, but now your customers can find them fast!

Unexpected Competition

Just ten short years ago XM and Sirius Satellite radio blasted off their satellites and provided a zillion digital audio channels seamlessly across country. It was so impressive Howard Stern left broadcast radio, went to Sirius and sunk a ton of money into the company. Sirius and XM were locked in a competitive grip with each other, signing up car manufacturers and subscribers as fast as they could. Little did they realize they were in a double death grip – neither was the other’s true competition. The Internet, wifi and 3G were. Hello Pandora. Who is your Pandora? That question should be making you very anxious right now!

In the past departments working in silos would have been dealing with these issues separately: IT, new technologies; Marketing, new social networks; Executive Management, market commoditization — and NONE would have seen the unexpected competition coming!

Agile marketing (and the Zebworks framework) is a new way of working. Swift, independent, measuring results, refining and improving your approach as you move forward. But most importantly it demands cross-discipline teams and team members who not only want, but are HUNGRY to learn about each other’s disciplines. Technologists who want to understand marketing and business strategy. Marketers who understand the impacts of their fabulous ideas on technology and budgets. Executive management who know more than just enough to be dangerous when it comes to marketing and technology.

Working together and being Agile, they will not only see Pandora, they will know how to pivot to vanquish her!