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Slay It Like A Fat Cat

Camarès Zoho Hall of Famer


NJ Advertising Hall of Famer Chooses Zoho Best in class keeps award winning company: Zoho Declared BEST Enterprise Software Vendor 2019

Winners like keeping winning company! Zoho has been declared Enterprise Software Vendor of the Year 2019 by Constellation Research! Camarès’ historic 2019 decision to partner with Zoho after decades of being software agnostic has been re-affirmed.

“I chose to partner Camarès with Zoho because of the company’s commitment to innovation, service and resilience, but best of all the price to value just cannot be beat. It opens the doors for small and mid-sized companies to automate sales and marketing like their giant competitors who have been eating their lunch!” said Deb Di Gregorio, President and NJ Advertising Hall of Fame member.

Camarès spent decades working with automated sales and marketing software testing and reviewing some of the 7000+ available applications, but none met the team’s criteria for cost and functionality. Products tested were more often than not over priced, overly complex, feature bloated or too narrowly focused point solutions. When companies cobbled together solutions, subscription costs quickly skyrocketed. That has changed with Zoho’s new fully integrated platform and flat low-cost platform.

Zoho has systematically rolled out new products and functionality well beyond its well-respected Zoho CRM with its legion of followers. Zoho One enables companies to automate sales and marketing from click to cash offering applications that go toe-to-toe with the heavy weights like Salesforce, Marketo and Hubspot.The market has responded positively — Zoho has a global installed base of over 50 million users.

Camarès leverages its decades marketing and technology experience to provision Zoho applications and train client teams at mid-sized enterprises. “Zoho allows us to leverage our respected marketing strategy competencies and execute at a level we have not been able to here-to-fore.” said Di Gregorio.

For more information contact Deb Di Gregorio directly: camares@camares.com.