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Camares Zoho Email Journeys

 Three Reasons to Start Using Email Journeys

Most small and mid-sized businesses believe that dropping a newsletter on a regular basis is enough to cover their regular communications. It’s a good effort for sure, but in today’s sophisticated and noisy online environment it is not enough. That’s where email journeys come in. They make your sales and marketing efforts more relevant and deliver the most engaged leads to your sales team shortening sales cycles. Here’s how:

  1. Segmentation for Increased Relevance. Email Journeys allow you to segment your list and deliver relevant communications to your prospects.
  2. Robust Delivery Flexibility. What’s more journeys aren’t dropped on the first of the month, they are sent whenever a prospect needs to receive them. You meet Joe on Monday and put him on email journey A. You meet Bill on Tuesday and put him into the same email journey. BOTH will receive all the same emails at the same paced but on THEIR individual timeframe.
  3. Deliver the Most Engaged Leads to Sales. Implement lead scoring that captures and scores the actions of your leads when they receive the email, for example: email open (5 points), click (10 points), download (15 points). Then alert your sales team when leads reach an engagement threshold.

Using email journeys and lead scoring makes sales far more efficient and effective: shortening sales cycles and holding clients close for longer relationships.

Let’s discuss how Zoho One can be put to for your specific business, contact me:

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Camares Zoho Lead Scoring

 The Power of Lead Scoring With Zoho One

The biggest marketing challenge today is delivering qualified leads to sales, or customers ready to buy to an e-commerce site. There are many ways prospective customers interact with your enterprise — whether you sell BtoB or BtoC. Let’s review the ways:

  • Your sales team meets prospects at networking events, conferences and tradeshows.
  • Visitors find you on the web via search or paid search ads
  • Prospects can connect with you across a variety of social media platforms
  • Prospects on your mailing list may click through to your site
  • and past visitors to your site may return through your re-marketing efforts.

More often than not each one of these efforts is a silo. The person you meet at a conference may get entered into a mailing list, but, you’ll probably never know how many times they visit your web site and or how often they comment on you on social media.

That’s where Zoho One automated sales and marketing lead scoring comes in. Zoho provides a score for every action taken across your online properties. So, here’s the example above using Zoho One and lead scoring:

  • Sales meet prospects a conference, they’re uploaded to Zoho CRM and put into an email journey on Zoho Marketing Hub where they receive a series of highly relevant communications/
  • Because the communications are relevant they click on a link to visit your site (score 5 points)
  • On site they download a PDF (10 points)
  • They return a week later to the web site (10 points)
  • They are prompted by Zoho’s Sales IQ chat bot and ask a question (15 points)
  • Zoho CRM has been programed to prompt your sales team as soon as any prospect exceeds 40 points indicating a highly engaged prospect.

None of this would have been possible without the “cross silo” scoring system delivered by Zoho One products. Because they are fully integrated — and low cost — they bring the power of lead scoring to enterprises on a budget. That gives those enterprises a competitive edge and solves marketing’s biggest challenge: delivering qualified leads to sales. With cross-silo scoring enterprises capture more business sooner. It is as simple as that.

Let’s discuss how Zoho One can be put to for your specific business, contact me:

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Camares Zoho Unbelievably Affordable

Three Reasons why Zoho Automated Sales and Marketing so Powerful.

Flexible, robust and unbelievably affordable— that sums it up.

1. Zoho automated sales and marketing apps easily go toe-to-toe with sales and marketing heavy weights like Salesforce, Marketo, Infusionsoft and Hubspot.

2. Zoho One is a suite of 40+ fully integrated business applications that are quick and easy to integrate and rollout. They are offered at one exceptionally low price making the entire suite very scaleable, use what you need when you need it without paying more. Period.

3. When Zoho One was launched recently, it was a game changer. For years — decades in fact— the Camares team was exceptionally reluctant to hitch our wagon to any one automated sales and marketing product. We reviewed and tested dozens of software and marketing products. We found them either too expensive, too limited or too complex — no product came close to meeting our clients’s needs. We used the best of what we found and integrated them using third-party integration software. Our cobbled together solutions improved our clients’ results but never to the extent we knew was possible.Our clients required robust solutions that they could afford.

That has all changed with Zoho One.

Let’s discuss how Zoho One can be put to for your specific business, contact me:

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Camares Zoho Click to Cash

Zoho One — From Click To Cash

Streamline your business from end-to-end.

When folks hear the name “Zoho” many think CRM! And yes! Their CRM has been around for years and is trusted by millions. But in those intervening years Zoho has been very busy building — in fact, reverse engineering — a host of the most popular business applications we use every day. Now Zoho is offering them as a suite of powerful business tools it calls: abusiness operating system.

Zoho combines software with an all inclusive affordable subscription cost, making it a no-brainer for small and mid-sized businesses.

And here’s the best part: there’re over 40 Zoho applications and they all integrate with each other like Lego blocks. They even integrate with hundreds of products outside the Zoho ecosystem, and that makes migrating your business to Zoho One an efficient and satisfying process.

Where to begin? We recommend…

Starting at the front end of your business Zoho’s marketing suite offers a highly intelligent means of capturing prospects. Its new and powerful Marketing Hub delivers sophisticated email journeys. Zoho Sales IQ offers a robust AI chatbot. Zoho Social facilitates social media communications. Zoho Backstage manages events. Zoho Surveys allows for the quick launch of prospect or customer surveys.

Zoho sales suite features its venerated CRM but also adds a host of innovative sales tools such as Sales Motivator that gamifies the selling and motivates your sales team. Zoho Meeting and Showtime facilitates online meetings, demos and webinars. Zoho Sign streamlines contract signing.

With the front end increasing business and revenues, its time to…

Move onto the guts of your operations Zoho Projects is by far one of the most user friendly project management products we’ve seen. Zoho Vault safeguards and controls company passwords you can even manage inventory with Zoho inventory and more.

Take care of your people with Zoho HR products: Zoho People and Recruit — especially compelling for companies for whom recruitment is a more urgent need than revenue generation.

And finally onboard your back office where you can

Manage finances with Zoho Books, Invoice and Expenses.

From click to cash Zoho One is being positioned as the operating system for business.

Let’s discuss how it can be put to for your specific business, contact me:

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Camares Zoho Smart Marketing

​Slay it Like A Fat Cat!

Smart Automated Sales and Marketing — Fat Cat Power at a Skinny Price

Up until now large “Fat Cat” corporations have leveraged expensive sales and marketing software tools to automate sales and marketing with significant success. They have used Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot or Infusionsoft. These products are well outside the budgets of most small and mid-sized companies.

Smaller companies have been left cobbling together sales and marketing programs using separate point solutions such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, Hootesuite and various CRMs all linked using Zapier or PieSync. These solutions deliver some improvement but not near the power of the Fat Cat solutions. And, they also deliver a host of challenges — integrations can be fussy or break between products after product upgrades. Never mind they can get increasingly expensive as your needs or size increases.

Enter Zoho One. It is such a game changer that we at Camares have, for the first time in our history, decided to become Zoho Authorized Partners after decades of being software agnostics. We cannot recommend Zoho One highly enough to our clients. Here’s why:

Zoho One is a collection of 40+ of the most popular business applications brilliantly integrated into one suite and offered at an insanely low price by a solid company that is committed to being in business for the long haul.

From click to cash Zoho One can ultimately be used to run your entire company. Start at the front end with Zoho’s automated sales and marketing applications and experience quick ROI.

Zoho’s suite of automated sales and marketing products will replace: Mailchimp or Constant Contact, Hootesuite social media management, Drift chat bot, your favorite CRM and more. Who doesn’t like cancelling software subscriptions? We’ve seen companies subscription savings START at $500 a month. That’s significant.

What’s more given the modularity of Zoho One’s offerings you can ramp up into the product with ease. Start with CRM, Marketing Hub and Sales IQ web site automated chat bot and move quickly into Social, Sales Motivator, Sales Inbox and more. Smaller business can quickly gain a competitive edge with Fat Cat power.

From Sales and Marketing you can move to Zoho Projects, HR applications even Zoho Books and kick Quickbooks to the curb for not a penny more. With every subscription you kick to the curb you save even more.

Interested in learning more aboutZoho One? Let’s discuss how it can be put to for your specific business, contact me:

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A Terrific Way to Explain What Your Company Sells

 Why saying “we can do it all” is not effective and one technique you can use to explain what you sell in an engaging and easy to understand. Use it and your services will sell themselves.

 A terrific engaging way to explain to people what your company does. When I ask business owners what their business do I often the same answer and that is, “we do everything, we do it all. We are accountants, we do all the accounting things you need A to Z”, “We are engineers, we can build anything”, and you know, engineers can because that´s how they’re trained. But, that’s like giving somebody a box and saying “here´s a beautiful box, figure out what’s inside” Rather than saying, “here’s a box, if you have bread and you put it inside the box and press the bottom, when it comes out it will be toast” Or “Here’s a box, and when you put your dirty laundry in the box and press the button, it comes out clean”. In this way you’re explaining to people what it is precisely that you do, and the truth is you don’t know what they’re thinking in their head, they could think this wonderful box makes toast or cleans laundry.

So, how do you solve the problem? Well, I ask the clients specifically what they do, and the next thing that happens is I get a really long list, it’s either spoken, conversation, or written. “Here’s the list” and it’s on the back of a spec sheet, and after the sixth or seventh item you just zone out, and that’s not good, you don’t want your prospective customers zoning out, you want them knowing what you do. So, how do you fix that problem? I’ve got this super-duper solution and I’ve been suing it for years, it’s called a matrix, and I love using matrixes. Let me explain; open up your spreadsheet, and in the header column you can list all of the services that you provide, you could even group them if you want, but the list of services and products. Okay, and across the top of the matrix, in the header row list the problems they solve. Now, don’t say “I want toast” and then tick off the toast of the toaster, and the bread, and whatever else you offer in the toast making process, don’t just say “I need toast” or “I want clean laundry” No, that’s assuming that the customer knows that they need toast or clean laundry.

Rather, pose the need in this way; “I’m bored with bread” or “I smell” because that’s the symptom, right? That’s the thing that the person is experiencing. “Gosh, I am somewhat malodorous today, how do I solve that problem? Oh look, I can get my laundry cleaned and there’s a bonus, they do softener and they’ll dry it for me, cool. I like this, I get it” or “I’m bored with bread, hmm… They offer toast. Oh, bonus, they got butter and jam. I’m not so crazy about Jam, I wonder if they offer peanut butter.” And they might email “Do you have peanut butter?” and you think “I never thought about offering peanut butter, but it’s certainly something we can offer” and you put in on your matrix.

Now, matrixes and this kind of approach to explaining and using a matrix with problems across the top, solutions down the side, and checks when they intersect, is a super interactive way of communicating what you do to a prospect. What’s really cool about matrices is that they can be used for lots of complicated communication, so you can use them internally. Say you have a process, or several processes, and you want to explain which tools to use to solve which issues, it’s perfect to use a matrix for that. Or you’re in HR and you want to talk about the benefits that you offer your employees, you can use a matrix for that too, so it’s a really great tool.

The one thing it does in marketing that I think it’s really important is that it really tells the customer that you care, that you really want them to understand what you do, and you do it in an engaging way. It’s a very sophisticated too, simple but sophisticated, and really super useful and just telegraphing that you care about your customers or your employee’s needs, and that you want to be sure that they understand what you’re selling or what you’re providing for them.

Okay, there are tons of tricks like this in my bag of tricks, and I’m going to do lots more videos on this sort of thing. So, if you liked this video please subscribe and please click on the bell so you’ll be notified of the next video posting, and then, in the meantime have a great business day. Thank a lot.

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