Good News: Google CPC is Dropping! It’s a Branding Bonanza!

 April 2020: Good News! You could use some, right? Here it is:

We are seeing Google cost per click drop by more than 50% from January. On Google Display we are actually seeing clicks in the PENNY single digits. That means that right now, promoting your brand via Google is like shopping at department store fire sale. Get twice as much exposure for every penny spent.

Layer on the 13% increase traffic website traffic according to Hubspot as people come online from home and you’ve got yourself a branding bonanza!

Just don’t expect it to lead to immediate sales, online sales and won deals have dropped by 27% says the same article.

That’s the reality. Embracing it is the solution:

There has never been a more cost effective time to promote your brand. Powering through now will lead to a far stronger position on the other side.

Let’s grab this moment to take the high ground!

Call me for strategies on how you can do it for your company.



Deb DiGregorio

Camares Founder, Deb Di Gregorio serves as president and practice lead developing marketing programs and working closely with client/owners. She is a member of the NJ Advertising Hall of Fame and is the author of Zebworks: The Agile Marketing Framework and Triumph Over Toothpicks: The Essential Guide to Business in the Digital Age. 

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