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Google Paid Search vs Facebook Promoted Posts

Hi There! Google Paid Search vs Facebook Promoted Posts — both are incredibly powerful, but which is best for what? Take four minutes to watch and save yourself some heartache!

Google AdWords vs Facebook Promoted Posts, which to use when? There are a million thing you can spend your money on when it comes to online advertising, but today we’re going to talk about the two behemoths. Google versus Facebook. Google AdWords and remarketing or it’s also known as retargeting, versus Facebook promoted posts and display advertising.

Let’s start with google first. It’s the most mature platform, and it’s really a cool platform because people go to google with intent, they go with the intent of solving a problem or doing some research, they are taking action simply by being there, and once they found the solution they’re looking for, they intend to take action. So, if your Google paid search Ad responds to the query that the prospect has made, and the landing page really brings it home, they have more greater likelihood of converting, because they intend is to take action, cool.

Now, google remarketing, google retargeting, once the prospect lands on your website, it places a cookie on the browser, and then your ads follow your prospect all around the web. There is good news and bad news about that, the good is that they’re seeing a lot of your ads, the bad is they rarely click them, display ads are traditionally the poorest performing ads online. So, you’re not going to necessarily keep them back to your site, but if you keep your expectations that this is a really great and inexpensive form of branding, you’re good.

So, that’s Google paid search and remarketing or retargeting. Let’s take a look at Facebook. Facebook is a different creature all together, people go to Facebook to check up on their communities and their friends, so when you advertise, it’s largely interruptive, you’re interrupting their intend, they want to check up on their friends and there you are, Bam, you’re the price of free, you’re interrupting them. But, the cool thing about Facebook is that it allows you -because we’ve given them permission- they know everything about everyone, and it allows marketers and advertisers to go in and super micro target special interest, all kinds of groups. No other platform is so powerful in term of targeting. So, Facebook is really great for expanding your brand to folk who don’t already know you, just don’t have high expectation about them taking action, remember, you’re interrupting their day.

Display advertisement in Facebook is largely the same, so we think about it, and I’m saying on both sides very generally, there are people, groups and businesses that can do quite well advertising on Facebook. But, in general, given its interruptive nature Facebook is really more of a branding tool than a tool that actually gets conversions in the that you can really get conversions from AdWords.

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