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Camarès Partnerships
AlignYourself with the Best!

At Camarès only choose partners after rigorous testing and research. That is why we chose to be a Zoho Authorized Partner. Here’s why: Zoho One ticks all the boxes for small business.

 Frequent software updates and improvements released.

Large installed-base of users to support improvements.

Highly customizable.

Robust functionality at a reasonable price.

Complete business automation from marketing to finance and everything in between.

Grows with your business.

Supporting Partnerships
Every Great Star Requires Great Supporting Actors!

Zoominfo partner

For B-to-B Sales and Marketing

Zoominfo, for companies selling business-to-business who need to identify website visitors and online searchers with a high degree of accuracy.

Avalara Partner

For Sales Tax Compliance

Avalara, for local, national and international sales tax compliance.

Bookkeeping for Zoho Books

For Expert Zoho Books Bookkeeping Services

Dbooks, for when your bookkeeper just won’t budge from Quickbooks, D-books delivers expert Zoho Books bookkeeping services. (And they’re Quickbooks experts too 🙂 )

Commercient Partner

For More Than One CRM

Commercient, for those companies with complex cross CRM integration requirements. 


For Portals Requiring Zoho Cross-App Functionality

ZPortals for those companies requiring a unified and customizable, self-service portal for multiple Zoho apps. For efficient coordination with customers, vendors and affiliates.