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Big Biz Style Automation Does NOT Work for SMBs. Here’s what does!

Major corporations have automated to the “eye-teeth” and in the process drummed out any unique differentiators — be they in service delivery or brand voice. For SMBs, the way we deliver our services and products to our customers makes us unique. Our service delivery methods become our “unique differentiator” enabling us to stand heads and shoulders above our competition — and many of those major corporations too!

That means that automating workflows becomes a delicate balancing act between technology and human needs. Too ridged, and you risk causing immense frustration on the part of employees and customers, too lax and the data you need to run your business well will be inaccurate, dirty or inaccessible. Human Centric Automation delivers balance for optimal success: better customer experience, better employee performance and better data for better business insights.

Workflow design that puts people first

  • Automation and communications balanced and working in concert delivering a freeing satisfying user experience that empowers management, employees and customers alike.
  • A rich, frictionless customer/user experience
  • A facilitated, frictionless employee experience that moves employees easily through workflows, eliminating repetitive tasks, freeing employees to provide customers with higher value services.
  • A platform that provides for vendor interaction that is prompt, engaged and clear; with opportunities for mutually beneficial feedback and discussion.
  • Data capture that captures “just enough” data accurately to deliver ongoing, significant and actionable business insights to management.

Deb DiGregorio

Camares Founder, Deb Di Gregorio serves as president and practice lead developing marketing programs and working closely with client/owners. She is a member of the NJ Advertising Hall of Fame and is the author of Zebworks: The Agile Marketing Framework and Triumph Over Toothpicks: The Essential Guide to Business in the Digital Age. 

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