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Searching for sales success with Google Adwords? Here’s the key…

I promised a video a week — and so far, so good! (If you’re “Going for the Big Time” it helps to be consistent!)

This week: A lot goes into a successful Google Paid Search campaign — but there is ONE THING most folks NEVER do — and that one thing can make all the difference! In less than four minutes you’ll learn how to do it too!

Google paid search, is it one big rip off? You go to google AdWords, you go to the keyword tool, you get a whole bunch of keywords, you create a campaign, you throw some budget and a month later… Bupkis.

There is a lot that goes into a paid search program to make it successful, but the most important thing is the one most people completely overlook, and that is that google is the ultimate collision of an algorithm with humanity. If you’re just looking for words from the keyword tool you’re relying on the algorithm alone, you’re not looking at the human element.

So, before you even being your program, this is the key thing that you need to do: Think about your customers inflection point, that is the moment where they are in so much agony that they go looking for a solution, and they go to Google to do the research to find the solution. Now, think about how they frame that pain, think about how they articulate it, how they expressed it. Now, this isn’t as easy as it seems, you have to really listen to your customer.

Let me tell you a quick story that exemplifies some of the complexity. Let’s make a believe that I have a diner and I sell green eggs and ham, and everyone on two know Deb’s diner has the best green eggs and ham. But, when tourist come to town I never see them, why? Well, because if you’re from the south, you call it Chartreuse Eggs & Pork, and if you’re a lefty from Berkley California you call it Ova & Oink. Okay, this may make up half of my market and I may lose them because I’m not using Ova & Oink or Chartreuse Eggs & Pork.

I want those customers, don’t you? So, here is your assignment; you and your team, and your sales people, and your customer service people, give them all a big stack of post it notes and ask them all for the next 30 days to listen really carefully to the customers that they are speaking with, and to write down the exact words used by your customers to describe the problems that they’re having, the exact words. Then, take those post it notes and put them all up on a wall in the office, at the end of the month you’re going to have some really exciteful keywords, and you’re going to have the human element, you’re going to be able to augment that keyword tool with some really good, juicy, powerful search terms.

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