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Move From Commoditization to Market Leader


The Internet changed everything. Customers are in the driver’s seat. CEO’s are feeling the crush of commoditization. Many Mid-Market companies are struggling to make headway in our new business landscape.

Marketing has become a complex new discipline requiring sharper strategy, tighter tactics and obsessive measurement. It demands a range of disciplines from strategists to tacticians, brand experts, writers, designers, videographers, developers and more. This is out of reach for many Mid-Market companies. That is where Camarès steps in:

Marketing Director Salary = Camarès Expert Program

For the cost of a Marketing Director you can have

An entire Marketing Department, expert in the latest strategies and tactics, with every discipline you will need at the ready.
A powerful “Marketing Department” that cross pollinates successes from one client to the next.
An expert competitive market survey, new positioning, new website, marketing plan, plan execution, coordination with your sales department AND monthly measurement and reporting.
We pioneered Agile Marketing, a robust winning marketing process based on Agile technology development and we will bring it to your business. Using Agile you will spend money on what works; marketing and sales will be held accountable and you will see your business move from commoditization to market leader.

How do I know this? Because we measure our results. We transform companies every day.

Make Camarès Your Expert Marketing Department

Call me directly: 973-508-6859.

All the best,

Deb Di Gregorio


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