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Pessimist or Genius? How Proving Worst Case Scenarios Wins!


Even More Good News — because we sure need it these days :). Ask my colleagues and they’ll confirm it: I have a very low optimism quotient. Some say that makes me a realist, others just think I’m depressing. I scan the horizon for worst case scenarios. It’s force of habit, and highly unusual for a marketers who are known to burble with optimism. But that burbling leads to blindspots and those will kill you!

Over the decades my worst-case horizon scanning has resulted in many, many, ways to thread the needle and succeed through tough times for my clients.

I consider it an asset — and many of our clients do too! It is also a relief: if Camares is proving out worst-case market scenarios I’ve got a good set of jaundiced eyes on the problem!

Now here’s the good news, here’s what our worst-case horizon scanning has found:

  • Market soft spots worth exploitation.
  • Alternative revenue streams that resonate in recessions and can be swiftly rolled out and aligned with a company’s brand.
  • Adding services to a manufacturer, adding manufacturing to services company and developing strategic partnerships to accomplish it.
  • Ways to streamline and automate sales and marketing workflows to reduce costs and surface leads experiencing buying inflection points.

Want to get to a happy place by discussing the worst case?

Call me — we’ll get you there.

All the best 🙂


Deb DiGregorio

Camares Founder, Deb Di Gregorio serves as president and practice lead developing marketing programs and working closely with client/owners. She is a member of the NJ Advertising Hall of Fame and is the author of Zebworks: The Agile Marketing Framework and Triumph Over Toothpicks: The Essential Guide to Business in the Digital Age. 

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