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Slay It Like A Fat Cat

Pessimist or Genius? How Proving Worst Case Scenarios Wins!


Even More Good News — because we sure need it these days :). Ask my colleagues and they’ll confirm it: I have a very low optimism quotient. Some say that makes me a realist, others just think I’m depressing. I scan the horizon for worst case scenarios. It’s force of habit, and highly unusual for a marketers who are known to burble with optimism. But that burbling leads to blindspots and those will kill you!

Over the decades my worst-case horizon scanning has resulted in many, many, ways to thread the needle and succeed through tough times for my clients.

I consider it an asset — and many of our clients do too! It is also a relief: if Camarès is proving out worst-case market scenarios I’ve got a good set of jaundiced eyes on the problem!

Now here’s the good news, here’s what our worst-case horizon scanning has found:

Market soft spots worth exploitation.
Alternative revenue streams that resonate in recessions and can be swiftly rolled out and aligned with a company’s brand.
Adding services to a manufacturer, adding manufacturing to services company and developing strategic partnerships to accomplish it.
Ways to streamline and automate sales and marketing workflows to reduce costs and surface leads experiencing buying inflection points.
Want to get to a happy place by discussing the worst case?

Call me — we’ll get you there.

All the best : )