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The Power of Inflection Points in B2B Marketing Strategies

Hi There! Today I’ll talk about THE POWER OF INFLECTION POINTS in B2B Marketing Strategies. Do your products and services answer your customer’s pains during their inflection points? I want to hear your thoughts!! Enjoy the video!

The power of the inflection point, hmm. An inflection point is the moment when your customer or your client experiences so much agony that they determine they need a solution, and hopefully, that solution is your product or service. That’s why it’s so important that you understand that inflection point.

Now, for consumers inflection points are fairly linear and easy to predict, fairly. For instance, graduating from high school and choosing the right college or right choice after high school, there are a huge number of decisions, little ones around that lifetime inflection point that require outside support, getting married, having a baby, an enormous number of businesses have built around this lifetime inflection points.

But, if you sell business to business, it’s not as neatly linear, and it gets a little more challenging. What it really requires is that you understand your customers market place better than they do, you anticipate issues that are going to cause inflection points before they do, you know the run up to that inflection point for your customer. So, examples of inflection points in business to business would be market consolidation, market deregulation, market regulation, commoditization, disrupt of technologies. All of these things would cause agony and pain for a business owner, and if your product or service solves these and answer these pains, then you really need to know when they are going to happen, and that means you really need to understand in a very nuanced way.

So, do your market research, go to conferences, read white papers, watch what’s happening in your customers marketplace so you can identify those inflection points, anticipate them, and present your service or product right at the moment when your prospective customer needs you.

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