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Robust Revenue Generation with Zoho

Automate Sales and Marketing: shorten sales cycles and increase leads ready-to-buy.


Today’s saturated marketing environment demands robust message delivery designed to reach audiences and prompt engagement. Reaching your market requires fully automated sales and marketing software that delivers compelling messaging to market segments, scores engagement and delivers the most engaged, purchase-ready leads to sales.

Camares’ deep roots in both technology and marketing make us uniquely qualified to deliver sales and marketing automation solutions to your organization — whether you wish to optimize your current software or implement Zoho’s powerful solutions — our impact on your sales and marketing organization will be transformational. Gained efficiencies and increased revenues will quickly achieve ROI. 

Camares has been marketing companies since 1982 delivering real, significant and measurable business successes for our clients. From strategic branding and positioning, to lead generation and system automation.



Automate with Zoho One

Zoho One for automated sales and marketing delivers robust marketing automation at a remarkably low cost, allowing you to kick many expensive software subscriptions to the curb:

  • CRM — robust CRM trusted by millions
  • Social — Social Media Management
  • Marketing Hub — Marketing program management, behavior tracking, email Journeys and more
  • Sales IQ — On site chat bot and more
  • Campaigns — Email blasts
  • HR — add HR and manage outreach and recruitment

Strategy & Planning

Our experienced team works with you, swiftly reviewing your current branding and marketing efforts. We rebrand and develop new or modify current positioning if necessary. We develop a comprehensive marketing and content plans. We support your team in execution. We develop a sales and marketing automation plan and all the content required to go with it.



Design & Build

Camarès develops a comprehensive architecture document: database architecture, record layouts, workflows and automated triggers.

Camares builds, tests and launches your new system in a matter of weeks.


At Camarès live training is followed with custom screen flow videos that are accessible at any time in our Knowledge Center making training new employees easy.