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Add a Dash of Excitement to Your Message!

Get inspired by this recent work from Camares.

This video takes market stakeholders on board Caldwell Marine International’s custom barge and inside the process of laying a submarine power cable that will deliver clean hydro-electric power across beautiful Lake Champlain to Vermont

CMI’s a great company, doing great work — we’re proud to tell their story.

Even if you don’t wear a hard hat, we do the hard work of DYNAMICALLY SHOWING your story — there are so many creative, exciting AND cost-effective new techniques available; give us a call: (973)539-6000 ext 101.

Deb DiGregorio

Camares Founder, Deb Di Gregorio serves as president and practice lead developing marketing programs and working closely with client/owners. She is a member of the NJ Advertising Hall of Fame and is the author of Zebworks: The Agile Marketing Framework and Triumph Over Toothpicks: The Essential Guide to Business in the Digital Age. 

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