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Regional Retailer Goes National
Regional Retail goes national

Objective: Develop an online sales channel for an 80-year old regional home goods retailer opening the national market.

Situation: The company was conservative in its approach with a strong high-touch service culture. Executive management wanted to be sure that online growth, if it could be achieved, was controlled to maintain high service levels.

Results: Camarès brought company national within one year AND based on comprehensive analytics opened a professional services (B2B) channel shortly thereafter.

Retailer paid search results
B-to-B Leads to Sales - Big Sales
B-to-B Leads to Sales

Objective: IT services company selling monthly billable annual contracts needed to meet VC funders growth objective.

Situation: Camarès quickly determined client customer-need inflection points and developed a comprehensive paid search and advertising program that delivered highly qualified leads ready to buy.

Results: Camarès achieved 658% ROI by month nine.

Program Cumulative ROI
Startup Conquers World
Startup Conquers World

Objective: Launch a single product that was a completely new concept to a very old and established marketplace.

Situation: A new concept introduced to a market that was highly resistant to change. There were three distinct prospective customer types: institutions, teachers and parents. Institutions were difficult to reach but would buy in bulk.Teachers were easier to find, but had to be convinced. Parents would not buy without teacher’s recommendations. The market size was difficult to measure and the price point relatively low: $30. The company was self-funded by the inventors with minimal funding, most of which was being spent on obtaining global patents.

Results: Camarès and the client established product credibility through heavy use of social media, PR and conferences. Monthly objective for month 12 met in month two. At 36 months company products were sold to buyers in every country in the world. Today the company is a fully established trusted leader in their industry.

Social Media Program Sales Results
Manufacturer Grows Selling Direct
Manufacturer Grows Selling Direct

Objective: Open online direct-sales channel for small custom B-to-B manufacturer that would deliver leads of prospects ready to buy.

Situation: Small manufacturing company serving IT marketplace providing large custom designed products and relying on a few value added resellers for sales, needed to increase direct sales quickly. Through extensive discovery, Camarès developed easily understood product lines and a web presence to sell them. Visual configuration tools allowed customers to design products to suit their needs.

Results: Camarès developed a continual stream of new leads ready to buy resulting in large volume sales and new recurring direct enterprise level clients.

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