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Growth to Next-Round Fundraise.

Info Tech B-to-B

Growth to Next-Round Fundraise.

Objective: IT services company selling monthly billable annual contracts needed to meet VC funders growth objective.

Situation: Camarès quickly determined client customer-need inflection points and developed a comprehensive paid search and advertising program that delivered highly qualified leads ready to buy.

Results: Camarès achieved 658% ROI by month nine.

Energy Co.

Rebranded For Big Pitch

Objective: Specialty marine energy engineering firm required branding to increase new opportunities.

Situation: Camarès worked with client to determine powerful differentiators then developed a highly visual deck and video featuring global production values that communicated company expertise.

Results: Facilitated communications with market stakeholders and opened business opportunities.

Aerospace Market Entry

Manufacturer Positioned for

Aerospace Market Entry

Objective: An established manufacturer serving the Fire and Safety markets wished to move aggressively into the Aerospace market.

Situation: The company was well-known in the market they dominated, but their branding was dated and their communications did not speak to the demands of the Aerospace market.

Results: Camarès completed a full assessment of the firm’s market to determine its marketing assets. We conducted customer interviews, market research and completed new market positioning. We branded several areas inside the company creating future service line opportunities. And, we completely rebranded the company, developed a series of digital assets featuring high production values: web presence, photos and printed materials.

Launched Successfully into Resistant Market

New Invention

Launched Successfully into Resistant Market

Objective: Launch a single product that was a completely new concept to a very old and established marketplace.

Situation: A new concept introduced to a market that was highly resistant to change. There were three distinct prospective customer types: institutions, teachers and parents. Institutions were difficult to reach but would buy in bulk.Teachers were easier to find, but had to be convinced. Parents would not buy without teacher’s recommendations. The market size was difficult to measure and the price point relatively low: $30. The company was self-funded by the inventors with minimal funding, most of which was being spent on obtaining global patents.

Results: Camarès and the client established product credibility through heavy use of social media, PR and conferences. Monthly objective for month 12 met in month two. At 36 months company products were sold to buyers in every country in the world. Today the company is a fully established trusted leader in their industry.

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