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We Are:

Collegial & Committed
Problem Solvers

Slay It Like A Fat Cat

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. They create two-thirds of net new jobs and account for 40% of the U.S. economy. Camarès is on a mission to help small businesses run smarter, smoother, and scale faster. We are a team of dedicated problem solvers. As Zoho One Authorized Partners  we optimize small and middle market business workflows on the Zoho One platform.

Here’s why our clients tell us we know their businesses better than they do:

Business Process Mapping

Working with Camarès you’ll benefit from our combined in-depth knowledge of business process optimization and Zoho One. A good plan delivers a smooth implementation and better optimization!

  1. We understand how to design and optimize business processes. We’ve done this for SMBs across numerous industries. We cross pollinate the best practices and steer you clear of process habits that will paint you into a corner.
  2. We know Zoho One. Most of the apps can function as stand-alones, that’s why they have functions that overlap. There are at least half a dozen ways to solve any business process automation problems on the platform. The key is knowing the best one for your business case.
  3. We test BEFORE we implement. Chances are you may want to keep some legacy applications in place (why fix what isn’t broken? ). We test all integrations in our sandbox BEFORE we implement to ensure it all works as expected.

Build it Right, From the Start

With a complete plan in place, we begin your implementation. You may want to start with marketing and work your way back through product/service delivery to finance OR  you may want to do the opposite OR, it might be best to target your most difficult friction points first. We work with you to determine the best way forward.

As an “Agile ” shop, we are in constant communication with you during the implementation process. We frequently deliver work samples for you to review. When our clients actually see the work product they often have additional ideas and changes, which we welcome. Here’s where we decide together which ideas to implement immediately and go on the back burner for a later phase (depending on your business requirements).

Enthusiastic User Adoption

There’s always “that guy ” who doesn’t like change. It might be you ; ), we know you well. We listen to you (“change resister” and your teammates), address your suggestions during planning, and then we train you.

We provide live remote and live onsite training options. We’ll open a Knowledge Base  specific for your company’s workflows and fill it with recorded how-to screen-flow guides. Prior to go live we populate Zoho Learn with lessons and quizzes for your team and a dashboard that tells us who’s completed the lessons. Whether you are a “change resister”, enthusiastic new hire, or anything in between — you’ll know exactly what you need to do and when. Your success depends on your team comfortably using your new system — and we make sure they do.

We Anticipate Your Dynamic Business Requirements, and more

SMBs are dynamic. You grow, respond to market changes, and pounce on opportunities. That means your business processes and automations will need to respond with you. Our ongoing support addresses your dynamic needs  — in addition to what you’d expect from a great support package (swift ticket response and training refreshers).

Slay It Like a Fat Cat with Camarès & Zoho One