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Slay It Like A Fat Cat

Winning at Business Takes Three Fundamentals


We just completed an in depth review of our clients from the last decade. What did our clients who experienced the best business outcomes from working with us have in common?

They had these three attributes. The first two were expected, but the third was the kicker.

Exceptional Skill-Set — It didn’t matter whether they were selling products or services, they were very good at engineering a great product or providing a superior service.
Ambition — a burning desire to grow, develop and succeed. To be a market leader — no matter how common or how vertical, specialized or unusual their offering.
A Sense of Entitlement — I use the word “entitlement” here to mean this: our successful clients believed they deserved their success. Plainly put, that belief allowed them to succeed and to own their continued success. Those that did not quickly undermined their accomplishment.
We met each of these exceptional businesses when they had reached an impasse: market changes, channel pressures, commoditization or potential extinction from technological advances. In spite of what appeared to be insurmountable odds, we were able to provide the insight, planning, marketing, branding and plan execution to pull them through.

And their three winning attributes transformed our work into lasting success.