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New to Zoho? You’ll be Pleasantly Surprised.

When it comes to software, Zoho ticks all the boxes. Here’s the product and company in a nutshell:

Strong Track Record

You Can Count on Zoho.

Zoho has been around a long time — the company has an excellent track record of product development, upgrades and support.

45+ Apps

Everything you need.

Zoho CRM forms the cornerstone of 45+ robust products and mobile apps that are easily integrated to meet all your business needs from click to cash.


Big Business Automation for SMEs

Nimble like you.

Built for SMBs.

Built from the ground up for small and mid-sized businesses. This is critical. So much software available today was originally designed for large enterprises — they operate completely differently than nimble, flexible small businesses. Trying to make big enterprise software work for small business is like Cinderella’s step sister trying to squeeze her foot into the glass slipper. Its painful and just does not work. That’s why we embraced Zoho and we added more:

We developed an approach to automation specifically designed for SMBs. It is called Human Centric Automation™  and it delivers incomperable optimzation across your entire organization amplifying what makes you unique while capturing the data you need to make great business decisions.



Ready, Set, Grow!

Grows With You.

Rollout a robust revenue-generation program using Zoho CRM, Marketing Hub, Social and Sales IQ. As you grow to love the product add Zoho Projects, Inventory, Books and more, bring on HR with Zoho Recruit. Collaborate remotely with Zoho meetings. Integrate workflows.

It’s all there and Camarès will tee it all up for you: we gather your requirements, advise, plan, integrate, launch, support and train you. The more you use, the more you save. Think about all that subscription software you are using now, Zoho allows you to systematically kick those applications to the curb. If you love some of those products, no problem, Zoho plays nice with many products outside the platform. This flexibility allows for easy onboarding over time.


Who doesn’t like a great deal?

Priced for Penny Pinchers

In 2017 Zoho celebrated its successful family of products by offering them ALL for one low price per seat. Put everyone on your payroll for just $30 per seat per month — perfect for companies moving their operations onto the Zoho platform. OR $70 per seat per month for some employees — perfect for companies planning to use Zoho for sales and marketing automation or HR recruitment with a limited number of people who need to use the platform. Either way the value is incomparable when you consider how many point subscriptions you can kiss goodbye as you move onto the platform. Never mind the massive efficiencies gained by breaking down operational silos and automating manual tasks! 

Camarès’ incomparable design, planning, implementation and support services will get you up and running fast.