Zoho: Priced for Penny Pinchers!

Who doesn’t like a great deal? Zoho delivers!

Zoho is…

  • Reliable with an excellent track record of product development, upgrades and support.
  • Comprehensive, delivering everything you need with 45+ (and counting) robust products and mobile apps that are easily integrated to meet all your business needs from click to cash.
  • Built for you, from the ground up, designed for small and mid-sized businesses.

…all that and priced for penny pinchers too!

Choose the All Employee or the Flexible option. Either way the value is incomparable when you consider how many point subscriptions you can kiss goodbye as you move onto the platform. Never mind the massive efficiencies gained by breaking down operational silos and automating manual tasks! 

All Employee Option


Put everyone on your payroll for just $30 per seat per month

Perfect for companies moving their entire operation onto the Zoho platform. Or for those working remotely.




Flexible Option


Put one employee or a group of employees for $70 per seat per month.

Perfect for those who wish to put a department on the platform or for a small company with many employees in the field who do not need access to computers.



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