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Slay It Like A Fat Cat

Camarès Zoho Chatbots


Chatbots Deliver Powerful Website Conversational Experiences that Sell

They’re beginning to pop up everywhere — and with good reason. Onsite chat bots offer a rich user experience engaging with users within seconds of landing on your website. Chatbots are the fastest way to:

Capture email addresses
Chat in realtime with site visitors
Provide relevant and compelling information to visitors based on their specific responses.
Zoho One offers the SalesIQ Chatbot — a powerful tool that allows for realtime connection with site visitors. Given the expense of bringing people to your site, capturing them the moment they arrive increases your chance of closing the deal.

In addition, Zoho Sales IQ Chat allows sales to move chats into CRM for further communications and to be added to specific email journeys in Marketing Hub.

To your prospect that means rich, relevant information that makes your organization look smart, service oriented and ready to deliver. For your sales team it means capturing engaged leads sooner — before they hop off your site to your competitor.

Let’s discuss how Zoho One can be put to for your specific business, contact me: camares@camares.com.