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The Power of Lead Scoring With Zoho One

The biggest marketing challenge today is delivering qualified leads to sales, or customers ready to buy to an e-commerce site. There are many ways prospective customers interact with your enterprise — whether you sell BtoB or BtoC. Let’s review the ways:

Your sales team meets prospects at networking events, conferences and tradeshows.
Visitors find you on the web via search or paid search ads
Prospects can connect with you across a variety of social media platforms
Prospects on your mailing list may click through to your site
and past visitors to your site may return through your re-marketing efforts.
More often than not each one of these efforts is a silo. The person you meet at a conference may get entered into a mailing list, but, you’ll probably never know how many times they visit your web site and or how often they comment on you on social media.

That’s where Zoho One automated sales and marketing lead scoring comes in. Zoho provides a score for every action taken across your online properties. So, here’s the example above using Zoho One and lead scoring:

Sales meet prospects a conference, they’re uploaded to Zoho CRM and put into an email journey on Zoho Marketing Hub where they receive a series of highly relevant communications/
Because the communications are relevant they click on a link to visit your site (score 5 points)
On site they download a PDF (10 points)
They return a week later to the web site (10 points)
They are prompted by Zoho’s Sales IQ chat bot and ask a question (15 points)
Zoho CRM has been programed to prompt your sales team as soon as any prospect exceeds 40 points indicating a highly engaged prospect.
None of this would have been possible without the “cross silo” scoring system delivered by Zoho One products. Because they are fully integrated — and low cost — they bring the power of lead scoring to enterprises on a budget. That gives those enterprises a competitive edge and solves marketing’s biggest challenge: delivering qualified leads to sales. With cross-silo scoring enterprises capture more business sooner. It is as simple as that.

Let’s discuss how Zoho One can be put to for your specific business, contact me: camares@camares.com.

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