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Slay It Like A Fat Cat! Smart Automated Sales and Marketing — Fat Cat Power at a Skinny Price

Up until now large “Fat Cat” corporations have leveraged expensive sales and marketing software tools to automate sales and marketing with significant success. They have used Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot or Infusionsoft. These products are well outside the budgets of most small and mid-sized companies.

Smaller companies have been left cobbling together sales and marketing programs using separate point solutions such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, Hootesuite and various CRMs all linked using Zapier or PieSync. These solutions deliver some improvement but not near the power of the Fat Cat solutions. And, they also deliver a host of challenges — integrations can be fussy or break between products after product upgrades. Never mind they can get increasingly expensive as your needs or size increases.

Enter Zoho One. It is such a game changer that we at Camarès have, for the first time in our history, decided to become Zoho Authorized Partners after decades of being software agnostics. We cannot recommend Zoho One highly enough to our clients. Here’s why:

Zoho One is a collection of 40+ of the most popular business applications brilliantly integrated into one suite and offered at an insanely low price by a solid company that is committed to being in business for the long haul.

From click to cash Zoho One can ultimately be used to run your entire company. Start at the front end with Zoho’s automated sales and marketing applications and experience quick ROI.

Zoho’s suite of automated sales and marketing products will replace: Mailchimp or Constant Contact, Hootesuite social media management, Drift chat bot, your favorite CRM and more. Who doesn’t like cancelling software subscriptions? We’ve seen companies subscription savings START at $500 a month. That’s significant.

What’s more given the modularity of Zoho One’s offerings you can ramp up into the product with ease. Start with CRM, Marketing Hub and Sales IQ web site automated chat bot and move quickly into Social, Sales Motivator, Sales Inbox and more. Smaller business can quickly gain a competitive edge with Fat Cat power.

From Sales and Marketing you can move to Zoho Projects, HR applications even Zoho Books and kick Quickbooks to the curb for not a penny more. With every subscription you kick to the curb you save even more.

Interested in learning more about Zoho One? Let’s discuss how it can be put to for your specific business, contact me: camares@camares.com.

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Slay It Like A Fat Cat