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Regulated Financial Services


Robust Automated Sales & Marketing for the Very Compliance Sensitive Financial Services Market

Any Registered Investment Advisor or Broker Dealer will tell you: marketing lives or often dies by SEC regulations. We’ve seen many financial services companies default to snail mail, minimizing email marketing and avoiding social media all together.

That no longer needs or should be the case! Today many archiving services will archive ALL of your communications — even social media. And, using advanced products like Zoho Marketing Hub you can experience the robust returns of highly segmented email journeys.

Follow SEC content rules: Among them, no testimonials (at least for the moment, that may well be changing) no endorsements, no promises of results. And, of course, clear all content with your compliance officer and/or compliance service.
Archive all communications: Leverage one of the many advanced archiving services available.
Build your website on a self-archiving platform designed for financial services groups.
Use automated sales and marketing programs that can be configured to comply

Slay It Like A Fat Cat